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Online Real Estate License Courses




Why Get Your Real Estate License?

A home purchase is often one of the most important decisions a person can make. To help navigate this complex process, almost all homebuyers enlist the services of a real estate agent or broker. This field is exciting, competitive and potentially very lucrative—but you can't practice without a real estate license.


Real Estate Career Options

If you're interested in a real estate career, you've got plenty of options. A real estate agent is licensed by the state to handle real estate sales. A real estate broker, also licensed by the state, may own a real estate company, or have overall responsibility for several real estate agents. A real estate agent may also require the services of a real estate appraiser to determine the fair market value of a home for sale.


Real Estate License Exam Preparation

On this page, you'll find real estate licensing information for a variety of possible career paths, and specific information on several major real estate markets, including California, Florida and . The real estate programs listed here offer state-approved professional education, real estate license courses, tutorials, and real estate licensing exam preparation.


Quick Facts: Real Estate License

  • Number of Jobs (2004): 460,000 real estate brokers and sales agents

  • Average length of training program: 1 to 3 years online

  • Top related career paths: Real estate, mortgage financing, and real estate investment counseling are some of the top careers pursued by real estate program graduates

  • Typical courses you will take: Real estate marketing, appraisal, real property law, and property management

  • Average income of real estate agents (2004): $35,670

Real Estate Success

With the current surge in property value, real estate is a hot career opportunity. To be a successful real estate agent you should possess the following qualities:

  • Maturity

  • Good judgment

  • Trustworthiness

  • Enthusiasm

With a real estate online degree you'll be able to pursue an exciting career that will allow you to help people find the house and property of their dreams.


Online Real Estate Courses

If you're interested in receiving your license as a real estate agent, you'll have to first undergo training. With an online real estate degree, you'll be eligible to take your state's licensing exam. You can rest assured that a real estate online degree's courses will help prepare you for this exam and for your ongoing license renewals.



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