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Real Estate Broker License



With competition increasing among real estate agencies, a growing number of agents are taking more control of their careers by earning a real estate broker's license. Holding a broker's license allows you to manage all the legal details of buying or selling a property. Brokers can set their own rates, based on market demand or personal preference. In addition, licensed real estate brokers can hire real estate agents to handle the sales process in exchange for a split of any commission.

Broker's License Exam Requirements

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require real estate brokers to pass an exam and to complete one to three years of professional real estate sales before earning their licenses. Brokers' training courses cover all aspects of state-specific and federal real estate laws, as well as industry guidelines for ethics and professional conduct.

California Real Estate Brokers License

CaliforniaLicense.com is an online real estate school providing students with a fast, cost-effective, and convenient method to obtain their California Real Estate Agent's License and/or Broker's License. All of their online courses are available on CD-ROM and are approved by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE approval # 1877-02).

With California License all of our Brokers Courses may be taken at home, online and at your pace! After studying the course material, simply go online and complete an OPEN-BOOK exam. Upon passing, you can immediately print out your certificate of completion. Once you have completed the required courses, you can apply for the state exam using the application that we will provide.

Our Broker Packages include the following:

  • Course Materials

  • Online Examinations

  • Upon passing print out your certificates from the Internet

  • DRE application forms to apply for and take the state exam

About the Broker License Exam Preparation

The Virtual Tutor System is designed to help you pass the Real Estate Brokers' License exam on the first attempt! It has three interactive study methods that are a big help in getting you up to speed and fully prepared to tackle the state exam.

  • The first study method (Review Mode) allows you to go through each question and choose which answer you believe is correct. The tutor then informs you if you are correct or incorrect and then explains the reasoning behind the correct answer.

  • The second study method (Exam Mode) allows you to take a simulated, timed exam. This option allows you to get an idea how it will feel to take the exam.

  • The third method (Intensive Mode), simply shows you the question and the correct answer. We recommend you start this method 10 days before you take the exam.

Upon completing all three modes (Almost 2000 Real Estate Exam Style Questions!) you will be well on your way to passing the Real Estate Brokers' License exam.

California Real Estate Broker Principles Course Outline

These are some of the course materials that help prepare students for the California Real Estate License exam

  • Property Ownership

  • Contracts

  • Agency

  • Real Estate Contracts

  • Titles

  • Leases

  • Taxes

  • Appraisal Construction

  • Escrow Real Estate Law

  • Real Estate Math

  • Other Required Topics

Why take Real estate broker's license courses online?

Upon completion of the course(s) you will possess the skills and credentials necessary to run your own Real estate office. Other opportunities include employment within national franchises, banks, lenders, as well as government agencies. The Real estate market has continued to be a driving force in our economy and becoming a broker at this time could end up being the smartest career choice you have ever made.

Don't have time to take the course? Can't afford to waste countless hours listening to lectures? At Allied, all of the Broker Qualification courses are available online for your convenience. With the online version you can start instantly, no waiting for course materials or course enrollment dates.

Study for the state exam online with three different keyword glossaries, Real Estate Math Tutor, and Practice Tests. 1400 questions and answers similar to recent state exams. Allied's Broker Online State Exam Preparation Course is available as an option on the enrollment page.

Remember, Allied offers a 110% money-back guarantee that YOU WILL PASS the exam on the first try!

More about Brokers License Courses

Allied's Broker Qualification Courses are available online or through traditional correspondence. All courses have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Real Estate (D.R.E.). Applicants must have successfully completed the college-level courses below before taking the state exam.


Student must take the following courses:

  • Real Estate Practice

  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate

  • Real Estate Finance

  • Real Estate Appraisal

  • Real Estate Economics or General Accounting


In addition to the above required courses, students must take any three (3) of the following elective courses:

  • Real Estate Principles

  • Business Law

  • Property Management

  • Escrows

  • Real Estate Office Administration

  • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending

  • Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate

  • Advanced Real Estate Finance

  • Advanced Real Estate Appraisal

Please note: If you choose to complete both General Accounting course and Real Estate Economics course, you will only need to complete two (2) elective courses.

Broker License Renewal

To Renew Your California Real Estate License, We Offer:

  • The 18 Month Conditional Requirement

  • First Time License Renewal (Salesperson Only)

  • Salesperson and Broker License Renewal

Try it before you buy it, pay nothing until you pass. It is Allied's Pass or Don't Pay Policy. For the first time offered anywhere! Take the on-line 4-year renewal course and pay after you complete the course. If you don't complete the course, you don't pay, no questions asked. This program allows you to try the course before you buy it. Within minutes you can be reading the first chapter.



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