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Footwear Design Programs


The craft of Foot wear designing is linked with making stylish and contemporary designs. It requires special skills to create innovative designs.
The main focusing area of foot wear designing lies on designing shoes by using different material including leather and fabric. .The core aspect of footwear programs is the footwear industry, including shoe history and popular shoemaking software. The product include shoe making relating to different ages from toddlers to adults. Depending on the occasions, the shoes are designed as casual and party wear products.

What is a Foot wear designer’s job?
Foot wear Designers work in to create designs that are used to make a variety of foot wear products. These designs form the basis of products like leather and clothing.

How to Become a Foot wear Designer?
A bachelor's or associate's degree in foot wear Design is required for many careers in the foot wear industry. Here in U.S. many schools offer degree programs in foot wear Design. In some colleges offered one and two year associates degrees, as well as a bachelor's degree in Accessories Design. In addition to learning shoe design and making skills, students also learn about belts, handbags and hats as part of these degree programs.

What Skills Are Necessary for a Career in Footwear designing?
Would you like to turn your eye for design into a career in a creative field like foot wear design .If so then you must possess the following criteria .Foot wear Designers must be highly creative and have a strong sense of color, form and design. Drawing ability and familiarity with computer-aided drawing programs also are necessary. A foot wear Designer must have in-depth knowledge of design and production techniques and must keep up-to-date with design trends.

Many foot wear designers enter the fashion designing field in order to see their designs produced in the real world. Main activities in foot wear designing are as follows.

Textile designing involves the following basic activities.
Creating sets of design shoe samples and experimenting with color, fabric and texture.
Conceptualizing new innovative designs for different age groups, and attending trade shows regularly to remain up grade with the modern emerging fashion trends

Career in foot wear designing
With growing market potential for shoe products there is a wide range of career options in this field. Foot wear design comprises both surface design and structural design. Footwear designers need to have detail information about t he fabric material they are using in their product.



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