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Forensic Science Degree and Programs




Forensic science is defined as the application of science for use in the courts of law. A forensic science degree covers both the scientific and legal elements required to carry out investigations in criminal and civil cases. Forensic scientists collect and analyze physical evidence for use in investigations. They often specialize in specific areas, such as firearm examination or testing substances such as fiber or fluids.


Studying Forensic Science

A degree program in forensic science broadly covers biology, chemistry, and law. It also develops investigative and analytical skills, and teaches students how to carry out impartial, systematic investigations of crime scenes, as well as how present those findings as written reports or in person as a witness. Additional career training can be beneficial in developing an area of expertise.



Quick Facts: Forensic Science

  • Minimum educational requirement: Bachelor's degree

  • Number of forensic science technicians in the U.S., 2006: 13,000

  • Primary employers: State or local governments

  • Projected job growth through 2016: 31 percent

  • Mean annual wage, 2007: $50,310

British Psychological Society
Bureau of Labor Statistics--Science Technicians






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   Forensic Science

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