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Accessory Design
Fashion has become an important aspect of our world. Fashion industries are looking to develop new products that will inspire the audience. Accessory designing is also an important part of fashion. Different studios, sales centers and designing exhibitions are organized by the fashion industry. These centers are not only concerned with clothes designing, it also includes accessory objects which are also important for fashion such as handbags, shows, jewelries, belts, Key chains, sports bags and other products. Production of design and presentation of design are also important because it helps to inspire the audience and play an important part for the success of accessory products.

Overview of the Programs
Accessory design programs are very useful for fashion designer and experts. They can use the latest technologies and tools for the development of new products and its presentation. This is two years program that provides an opportunity for the students who want to establish their career in fashion and accessory design. There are two semesters in each year of study. It helps them to develop their personal technical skills, style and new ideas for the growth of their industry.

It is very important for the students to understand the requirements of the audience in our environment nowadays. Due to the introduction of new technologies, living style of the people has changed. This program also provides students a chance to participate in the international seminars, exhibitions and festivals and understand the latest technologies and modern fashion styles. Students should also have the knowledge of traditional fashion and traditional designing. Many fashion industries are focusing to develop products which are used in past with new materials.

Qualified Professors, Lectures, and Instructors are also available for the guidance of students. A powerful working environment is also provided to the students that helps them in their future employment. These working environments help them to exchange their ideas and thoughts with the instructors.

Objectives of the Programs
These programs help the students to enhance their creative skills, communication skills and exchange their ideas.
It trains the professionals and students for the creation and construction of new accessory products using the latest technologies.
A qualified team of professionals are also available for the guidance of students.
Powerful working environment such as Studios, Arts Labs, and training center also available for the students where they can easily perform practical thesis.
International Visiting fashion designers are also available for the students; they can guide the students and provide them their important ideas and skills.

Universities and fashion industries are working together. Different fashion industries are also offering internship program for the students during their study. It is useful for both because students are instructed to submit their projects at the end of each semester. University in combination with fashion industry organizes an exhibition where students exhibit their products. Qualified fashion designers are invited to attend this exhibition and they analysis each accessory design product carefully and give their remarks. At the end of the exhibition, university issues a list of successful candidates who are offered an internship by the fashion industry. This process provides students a working environment with the team of professionals during their studies. It also provides fashion industry a chance to maximize the skills and ideas of new talents.

Courses of the Program
Some important courses of these programs are given below:

Footwear Design and Construction
Handbag Construction Techniques
Sketching and Rendering Accessories
Fashion, Media and Culture
Introduction to Photoshop
Introduction to the Creative Process
Boot Construction Techniques
Belt Design and Construction
Line Building for Accessories
Cad for Fashion: Advanced Patternmaking




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